Hi, I'm Courtney.

 I'm so glad you have found your way to Broad + Main. I'm Courtney, a graphic designer and passionate entrepreneur living in Greenville, South Carolina.

  I work with creative souls and passionate self starters to create beautiful brands, and provide hard working entrepreneurs with tools and resources that help them take their ideas and passions, and turn them into living, breathing businesses.

As a full time employee of a large financial firm and successful business owner, I understands the passion and drive it takes to create the life you want. I am a true believer that whatever your vision is for your life and career, you have the power to make it happen. 

What is broad & Main

Broad & Main is a branding and design studio, specializing in building beautiful brands for small business owners, self-starters, and creative souls. Websites are built exclusively on Squarespaceone of the fastest growing blogging and hosting platforms.

Your website is often the very first impression your client's have of your business and what you have to offer. I want to help you make the very best impression to all of your future clients. My primary goal is to help you build a beautiful brand and website that will help you attract your ideal client and help you achieve your biggest dreams for your business.

I believe there is beauty in simple, yet elegant graphic design. More is not always better, and it is my job to help you find the perfect balance for your brand's unique personality and bring your vision to life. 


For Entrepreneurs

I understand the passion and drive it takes to create the life you want. I'm a full time employee of a large financial firm, and a hard working self-starter, making things happen to create the life I want. 

I understand the sweat and sacrifice required to take your business from idea to reality. Whether you are a fellow side hustler or full time entrepreneur, having a part in helping you make your dream a reality is an honor and a privilege. It is my passion to help create the visual story of your brand, and help you take your brand and business to the next level. 

Why Squarespace

I have been blogging in various outlets since my early college days. I've used Blogger and Tumblr but spent most of my time with Wordpress. For a brief stint in 2014, I started a new blogging venture on Squarespace. At the time, I was more comfortable and familiar with Wordpress, and moved my blog back over. I regretted it immediately.

Squarespace offers the most user friendly interface I have ever seen. What good is your website if you can't blog, edit, and add to it easily? Exactly.

Squarespace also offers endless support and is a one stop shop rather than hosting through one service, and blogging through a separate platform. Everything you need is right at your fingertips. We are creating a beautiful experience for your clients with your custom design, so why not use a platform that gives you that same visually appealing experience?

Squarespace websites are:

+    Completely mobile responsive. Your site will look good across the board from computer to iPhone, and everything in between. Mobile responsiveness is also a large driver of search engine optimization.

+    Sleek and modern thanks to a multitude of customizable themes.

+    Easy for you to update. One of the most important factors of your website is ease of use. Squarespace allows you to blog and add information easily without the help of a designer or expert. 

+    Affordable. Squarespace offers 3 different levels of pricing, depending on your unique needs and goals. There is no need for separate hosting providers. Squarespace is a one stop shop. 


About the Name

You might be wondering - why Broad + Main? Over the last 6 years I have moved countless times and have lived in 4 different cities. After leaving my hometown of Tampa, FL, I took my first corporate job in the finance industry in Greensboro, NC. I then moved to Charlotte for a new adventure and found just that - my now husband, Jim! One more move later, we now live in beautiful Greenville, SC, a place we hope is our forever home. Broad St. and Main St. is the intersection in the very heart of the city we love and the inspiration for the name of my creative studio.